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Affiliate Marketers

Aviaro enables affiliate marketers to make the most while spending less.

Affiliate marketers often find it difficult to automate their processes to optimize their businesses without sacrificing time and energy. Fortunately, Aviaro provides multiple solutions for affiliate marketers to increase scalability. API integrations allow business users to incorporate all current systems into the Aviaro platform and offer webhooks, sub-account management, robust reporting and analytics, and more. Receive instant notifications from the companies with which you work so you are always kept in the loop. The ability to send mass SMS to an unlimited number of contacts with the shortened URL feature is similarly desirable for any affiliate marketer, as they will not only have the ability to send the links of their affiliated websites to opt-in contacts, they will also be able to use the link-tracking function as a way to see who was interested in learning more about their affiliated sites.

The Aviaro platform with patented artificial intelligence makes it easy to combine every aspect of your current systems into one automated, optimized platform. Image SEO Alt: Affiliate marketers achieve a higher level of success when they use Aviaro to optimize their business functions.

Contact Centers

Contact centers enjoy rapid scalability and business-wide success when they use Aviaro.

Aviaro business SMS is the perfect solution for contact centers, thanks to API integration, robust reporting and analytics, sub-account management, and rapid scalability. Need to reach the maximum number of opt-in leads in the shortest time frame? Aviaro offers bulk SMS messaging with URL shorteners and artificially intelligent automatic responders. Use Aviaro as a way to further optimize your contact center management systems, including support desks, CRMs, and much more.

We specialize in business optimization services, so you can focus on growing your company and spend less time managing your systems while increasing your lead generation, sales, and ROI. Our competitive pricing, both business and wholesale, ensure that your contact center will easily compete while spending less and working more efficiently. Image SEO Alt: API integrations, white labeling, bulk messaging and more from Aviaro provide contact centers with the best for less than our competitors.


If your company focuses on e-commerce to drive sales and generate leads, Aviaro knows exactly what you need to optimize your company.

For businesses that exist predominantly through their e-commerce platforms, such as Amazon and Etsy, the Aviaro business SMS system with patented artificial intelligence provides a stunning network of structured business optimization and management. Use the Aviaro text-messaging platform to communicate directly with customers en masse, thanks to its bulk SMS messaging feature so past and current customers are always kept up-to-date on new sales and promotions.

The A.I. automatic responders similarly reply to customer queries with a natural flow and conversational tone, ensuring consumers feel listened-to and receive immediate responses. With its vast API integrations and webhook capabilities, Aviaro further offers e-commerce businesses the ability to optimize their operations smoothly and efficiently. Combine your scheduling platform, CRM, company communications and more for less than our competitors. Aviaro allows you to increase your lead generation, sales, and ROI with maximum efficiency and minimum costs.

Aviaro’s patented artificial intelligence ensures e-commerce businesses enjoy rapid scalability and success.


Companies that thrive on both in-store and online sales enjoy a higher rate of success by using Aviaro than any other optimization platform.

If you have both a physical store and an online e-commerce platform, Aviaro is ideal for managing your business services with maximum optimization. Thanks to extensive API integrations and webhooks, ensuring your company’s online portal is efficient has never been easier. Combine this with our business SMS messaging system with patented artificial intelligence to communicate effectively with customers and establish true two- way engagement with these incredibly smart automatic responders.

The Aviaro platform enables “brick-n-click” businesses to maintain their customer support and retention whether they are in-store or online consumers, and businesses can do it for a much lower price than our competitors. Aviaro enables your business to increase your opt-in leads, increase sales, and increase your ROI efficiently and effectively.