The Internet has made it easier and harder to reach your customers all at once. On one hand, there are an infinite number of ways to reach them, but on the other hand, that means you sometimes have to spread yourself thin if you really want to reach people. Just like text marketing, you can always count on influencer agency to help you meet the right brand ambassador. 94% of marketers who worked with an influencer agency in the last year said they thought it was effective, which means you should consider upping your budgets for it this year. It is a really great way to drive specific audiences to your product or service. Here are three tips to follow with that increased budget.

  1. Use Instagram

One of the best social media sites to use influencer marketing on is Instagram because it allows people to post photos of themselves using your product or service while giving a description of it. Plus, people are more likely to follow celebrities of sorts on there than any other site in order to really get to know their customers.

You can also use text marketing to send messages to your customers letting them know about specific ad campaigns you are running with that particular person.

  1. Social media videos

Sometimes, a quick picture of your product and a shout out to you is enough, but videos are also very successful. Customers want to see what they are getting, and if it is someone they trust showing them exactly how it works in a video, they are more likely to try it for themselves. Videos are especially helpful when you are selling a more complicated concept that needs to be explained.

  1. Pick the right people

One thing you need to remember is that a celebrity may not necessarily fit the bill just because your customers follow them. It needs to fit with that person’s brand and feel true to their natural character on social media. If it doesn’t fit with their character, their followers will call it fake and move on instead of actually considering using it themselves.

It is also important to note that just because you don’t know who somebody is doesn’t mean they are not important to your audience. Working with an Influencer agency isn’t just about getting A-list celebrities anymore. It is about picking anyone who has a large following and using them to advertise your stuff.