We have confirmation that Verizon did not implement their A2P Messaging Service on Monday, May 13th. However, we do expect the new Verizon A2P Messaging Service, sometimes referred to as 10DLC A2P, to be launched very soon.  Further, given the lack of notice provided by Verizon to this point, we anticipate that we may have short warning of the final date.  

We anticipate that when Verizon and other carriers start implementing the service, they will begin strictly enforcing P2P compliance.  That will likely result in blocking of any A2P traffic that wrongly uses P2P routes. We do have assurance that this change will only affect local phone numbers.  Toll Free Messaging will remain unchanged and a predictable solution for A2P traffic.  


Provided your traffic adheres to CTIA Messaging Principles and Best Practices for P2P traffic, you should not experience any delivery issues.  However, if your traffic is identified by a provider as being in lack of compliance, there will be little that Aviaro can do to assist in the removal of blocking after traffic is flagged as A2P. With that in mind, we suggest any customers sending traffic, with some portion of A2P traffic, utilize Toll Free Messaging.   

Toll Free Messaging is the ideal solution for customers requiring high quality delivery for A2P messages. Toll Free Messaging is an industry accepted path for A2P messaging and supports high volume delivery across all domestic wireless providers. If you have not yet implemented Toll Free Messaging please reach out to your sales person, account manager or sales@aviaro.com to begin the process.