Mobile marketing has come a long way since the first text message marketing campaigns and so has mobile technology

Today, nearly everyone has a mobile phone. More than half are smartphones. With such a large audience it’s no wonder that many businesses large and small have turned their attention to mobile marketing.

According to a recent report from Mobile Commerce Daily, the demographic most likely to engage with brands through mobile are the younger folk– millennials. The report states that millennials are the most susceptible to mobile ads and the most likely to respond positvely to them. It stands to reason that business owners should be focused on trying to reach this important audience.

The most important generation

The youngest generation is the most important to win over, just consider this finding from the report: Twenty-five percent of millennials say they would pay a higher price simply to have a new product first. All evidence seems to suggest that millennials especially have a great desire to be at the head of the curve and they’re willing to pay for that privilege.

Most importantly, it’s that millennials seek relevance which drives interest in product. 

How to reach them

The same report also found that businesses were having a difficult time reaching millennials through the tried and true traditional marketing channels. It seems the best channel for reaching today’s younger generations is mobile. As a result, many businesses are allocating their marketing budget for mobile efforts such as designing a mobile optimized website, launching a text message marketing campaign, and even investing in mobile apps.

While all of these channels are important in this day and age, markers have found that the most important way to reach millennials is through social media. Because most people (and especially millennials) are accessing social media almost exclusively through mobile, the two are inseparably connected.

Harnessing the power of social media

As already stated, millennials are the most likely to engage with brands via mobile, and that is the key to success in social media marketing, getting people to engage. It isn’t enough anymore to achieve a certain number of “likes” on Facebook. Your target audience should be engaging with your brand. All your social media marketing efforts should be focused on that goal.

One way to do this is to encourage feedback on social media. You may want to offer an incentive to get customers to give feedback about products or services. You can also keep them involved by asking for their opinions about new products or services.

Because millennials are especially interested in having the latest things, it’s important to use social media to keep millennials informed of upcoming products and offer them the chance to get it first. This generates excitement and in turn, more business from millennials and other demographics.