Don’t fall for the #1 biggest mistake people make while texting customers!

Not only will it destroy your ability to generate fabulous returns but it can burn out your list and get your phone numbers black-listed.

What’s the mistake you ask?

Sending a solicitation on your first introduction is like demanding a kiss on your first date before you even say “Hello.” It puts people off and causes them to think you are creepy! Don’t be like that!

How to avoid this mistake?

Stop thinking of your list as “prospects” and think of them as potential new “friends.” What would you say to a someone you just meet?

It seems super simple once you think about it. Yeah, you just simply start with an introduction greeting such as “Hello,” “Hi,” “Hey there” etc. etc.

This is also smart because phone carriers such as Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, etc. have algorithms designed to block “commercial messages” and they especially laser focus on the “initial” message. With this technique, you get the highest message delivery rate possible!

What happens next?

Don’t panic when your response rates go from 1%-3% upwards as high as 80%! It is only natural for most people to respond. Imagine if you had to respond to all of their messages manually!

Thankfully we have automatic responders that you can activate that will answer all those inevitable replies you will get such as “Who is this?” and “Why are you texting me?”

The system uses artificial intelligence to interpret the inbound message to decide which responder is most appropriate to send back to them in response.

So, you might have the answer to “Who” be your basic introduction along with either another question or a call to action. Generally, you don’t give any links in any of these messages yet. Use your “Who” response to entice them to ask for the link. Reducing the number of times your domain appears in a text message also reduces your chances of getting it flagged.

Example “Who” responder:

This is John. I was looking to talk with {First Name}. If that is you please reply with “call me” and I will give you a ring. If you want my link first before the call just reply with “link.”

Good thing you already set up Auto Replies (Responders) that are looking for keywords like “link” in order to give them the URL that they can visit. You don’t have to respond manually.

What if they don’t respond?

Glad you asked because now we can talk about the most overlooked yet powerful part of our system for generating massive positive response rates, “Timed” follow-ups. These are also sometimes referred to as “Drip Campaigns.”

Basically, you set a timer such as 20 minutes, 2 hours, 24 hours, 72 hours, etc. from the point in time the prospect triggered one of your specific Responders. You might send the following example message 20 minutes after they triggered the “Who” responder.

Sorry to bother you again. I know getting a text out of the blue can be unnerving. However, I would really like to talk to you or at least have you check out my link. It’s nothing bad. It’s actually something that may greatly improve your life!

You don’t have to stop there, though. You can create as many follow-ups as you want to ensure they eventually convert. Maybe you follow-up the next day and then 3 days later. By then, they should have opted-out if they don’t want to continue the conversation or converted.

Wait! How do I know if they opted out?

Our system also uses the AI to understand their intent to stop receiving messages from you. It automatically removes them from your lists and saves them to your contact group called “Opt-Outs.” This saves time, energy and goes a long way to lowering potential risk of legal issues.

So now that you know the system won’t bother people and annoy the heck out of them because of how sensitive the Opt-Out system is, you can feel free to both edit and turn-on your “Responders” and set up your “Timed” follow-ups.

You will be pleasantly surprised with the increase in response rates! Happy texting!