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By Chantel Fullilove

What’s the difference between MMS and SMS texting?

The primary difference is the type of content being sent out. SMS or Short Message Service is a text with 160 characters. MMS stands for Multimedia Messaging Service and refers to messages that include photos, videos, audio or even emoji-cons. 

Aviaro specializes in Artificial Intelligent SMS

‍In our platform, you can send multiple SMS 160-character messages to your customers and trigger our A.I. which can answer and engage with them in natural language. Aviaro’s sequential responder feature can help you ensure large messages (more than 160 characters) will be sent simultaneously to a text-message recipient. This way, you can extend the amount of text characters that you send your customers. 

To learn more in depth about what is SMS head over to our blog post which discusses why SMS is gaining popularity.

SMS is customizable for all businesses

The Aviaro platform SMS texting allows for your to send website URLs. Our built-in URL shortener can drive your customers to your website, social media site or to a video! You can track the click-thru rates of your URLs directly on your Aviaro account and see who viewed and opened your link.

sms vs mms

Aviaro is the only patented A.I. mobile messaging platform and MMS marketing. Thanks to our all-in-one mobile texting platform, customizing your brands SMS texting strategy is easier than ever. We love helping businesses succeed – contact Aviaro to see how we’ve worked with other businesses to help them generate more sales and increase their customers engagement.