MMS marketing how it works, how businesses can use MMS and improve your business’ performance

What is MMS?

MMS stands for multimedia messaging service. As it would sound, that means you can add images, video, audio, QR codes and more to your marketing messages. While SMS stands for short messaging service; limiting your messages to 160-character texts with no additional media.

mms message example


Both have their unique advantages, but to truly discover the one most fitting of your business consider your industry, content and purpose.

Industry-wise, consider how you’d use it. Say you’re a small business like a restaurant, you may not have a large marketing team or even enough time to create your own videos or graphics consistently. And that’s alright as your customers may just need a reminder text to get them to your establishment.

Maybe you’re a pharmacy that’s looking to provide customers with some information and need to provide images, warnings, updates, etc. that are beyond 160 characters–then MMS may be your fit. Just think about what your industry and business comprise of, what customers need and how you’d bring it to them.

Think of your content. Consumers are now expecting branded content, so your marketing team works tirelessly to optimize your web page, videos for their respective social platforms and generate new ideas for content on the regular. Don’t let that content go to waste, consider MMS to bring that plus an extra deal or two to subscribers.

Purpose goes back to marketing goals. Is your customer base loyal enough with high CTR and engagement that a short text will get their attention? Are you spacing your messages out with enough time and a great deal or announcement that customers are already responding? What is that you need to accomplish with the added multimedia and how would that change your overall marketing plan?

Multimedia message statistics

In a survey of mobile phone in the U.S. 45 percent of users total time on their mobile was spent on basic features such as SMS and applications such as MMS.

Additionally, 91 percent of people keep their phone within reach at all times. It’s that very combination that makes it obvious to see the potential of MMS marketing and its ability to elevate your business’ branded content.

Specifically for MMS, the data shows that MMS has a 15 percent higher click-through-rate than SMS. While the chances of subscribers opting out of your contact list reduces by 20 percent. If that wasn’t great enough MMS can also further your reach, as subscribers are 8x more likely to share that content on social media or forward it to friends and family.

How to use MMS for business

The creative possibilities are endless for MMS and SMS. The ability to send emoji’s makes your text message more personal and fun to read. You can send MMS directly from the Aviaro platform under the “Send Messages” tab. Below is a screenshot of a sample MMS message.

For SMS text marketing templates for your business take a look here.

MMS Text Message Template for Restaurants
MMS Text Message Template for Restaurants

Aviaro’s new MMS

We are proud to present MMS for Aviaro. The platform will provide you and your customers a new level of engagement making it easier and more effective marketing communications. As the nature of MMS elevates your 160-character texts with more data, that slightly increases the pricing.