You probably already know that mobile and social media are both important to your marketing plan. But what you may not know is how essential they are together. In fact, the more time people spend on social media, the more you can expect them to be doing it through mobile. Nearly 70% of the time people spend on digital media is done through mobile, which means your business should be focusing on expanding your social media platform while optimizing a customer’s mobile experience.

Competition focusing heavily on social media

Your competition knows that focusing on mobile and social media marketing together is the way to go. In fact, in 2016, mobile advertising took more than half the share of digital marketing dollars. Not only are most businesses focusing more on digital marketing efforts, the majority of those efforts center on mobile.

Number of social media users growing

There is an increasing number of users on social media platforms being reported every year. In fact, it was recently reported that Instagram now has 700 million users, and Twitter reported that 328 users are visiting its site every month. Mobile makes it significantly easier to use different social media platforms, paving the way for customers to regularly interact through them.

As a business, your focus should be on being in the same place as your customers. When a customer is trying to decide what they want, sometimes they simply don’t remember all their options. By being somewhere that you can quickly and easily remind them you exist, you are able to retain customers and get them to repeat business more frequently.

Much of the increase in social media platforms has to do with teenagers and young adults joining the networks for the first time, which also gives your business a new opportunity to get new customers and develop loyal relationships. By using mobile to develop relationships through social media, your company will get new customers who you may have never been able to reach otherwise.

AI Chatbot possibilities

Social Media companies such as Facebook and Twitter have been developing AI Chatbot for chat to give businesses an easier way to communicate with their customers. Customer service texting is essential because it means your customers can easily send you a message, whether through social media or their phone’s texting system, and then get an answer to their question immediately. No customer service agents have to be available, and the system can still run 24/7 answering questions or concerns. In fact, some businesses such as Starbucks. have even been experimenting with using AI Chatbot to order product.

If most of your customers find you while browsing the web on their phone, then you won’t be surprised to find out they also prefer to be able to send a quick text message to get more information about your business instead of having to go to a desktop version of your site or to call. If it seems like extra work, potential customers simply won’t do it, and you could lose them before you even had a chance.