Mobile marketing is one of the most successful ways for companies to market today thanks to advanced mobile technologies such as smartphones and tablets

While SMS and interactive application advertisements are popular and effective ways to reach the mobile market, it is no secret that much success from mobile marketing is acquired by using social networking sites. Sites such as Facebook and Twitter are an ideal way for companies to get the word out about their products. Because of the popularity of social networking, companies are finding great success when it comes to promoting on social.

Mobile marketing on Instagram

Instagram isn’t a new social networking site, but companies are just now figuring out how to advertise using Instagram. Ikea has found a way to upload parts of their digital catalogs onto Instagram not only to promote their products, but to see how popular their products are.  According to Mobile Marketer, Ikea is currently showcasing their PS line via Instagram, and has already seen a pleasing response from consumers.

Ikea has also used Instagram to find out which furniture products consumers are interested in and which products they should start supplying.  They also use Instagram’s tagging feature to show consumers different product types such as materials and colors used.  All in all, Ikea has put Instagram to work for them for more than just marketing purposes.

Why social networking is the way to go

Smartphones and tablets are already equipped with the technology to support social networking sites. This is great for companies as they don’t have to worry about the technology being advanced enough to support their ads, rather the tedious work is already done for them. Another reason social networking is perfect for marketing is because it is a worldwide sensation meaning companies are able to promote their products all over the world instead of only in specific areas.

Data has shown that social networks are used all day every day, therefore mobile advertisements are not a waste of time because consumers are constantly seeing them. Many social networks have a way of suggesting specific advertisements to users based on their personal information, which is another way companies can use social networks to their advantage by targeting specific consumer types.  It has been proven time and time again that companies need to become part of the mobile marketing world in order to see the success they desire, and social networks such as Instagram are a great way to go!