When you are trying to focus on mobile marketing, the most important thing is exposure

If your advertising can only be seen on certain phones or only used if you have certain apps, evidently exposure will be limited. What you need is a way to reach all of your customers regardless of the kind of phone they have.

Extra features and apps on some phones

The fanciest smartphones will come with a lot of extra loaded features and apps on them. In fact, Pinterest is working with Telefonica to pre-load Pinterest apps on all Android phones. This could be really useful for everyone in the world interested in pinning ideas and pictures, and it is convenient for those who already have a Pinterest to be able to use right away.

The most basic phones, however, only come with a couple of things. Normally, there is a basic alarm function and maybe a few basic games, but you are guaranteed the phone will have phone calling and texting.

That means you need to use those means if you are going to reach all your customers.

Phone calls vs texting

When it comes to making calls, it is basically not allowed anymore. Almost everyone has their phone number on a do not call list, and nobody wants to talk to you when you call. If it is pre-recorded, people will just hang up. On top of all that, you are hoping they even answer in the first place. Most won’t answer a call unless it is someone they know. They just assume that if it is important, you will leave a message, and they could call you back. Then there are the people who don’t even check their messages. It gets messy when trying to advertise with phone calls.

Texting, however, is a much more productive way to go. The customer won’t feel bothered by the initial contact. They will be guaranteed to read it, especially if you are known for sending deals in your messages. It isn’t something they can just have go to their junk mail, so you are guaranteed delivery. Even if it goes to the wrong person, it is exposure. Ultimately, it never hurts to text a dealt. 

How you can get started

You will want to get started with the most basic things. Just have your customers subscribe to your texting, and they will get deals. Make sure you time it so you aren’t sending out too many deals. Customers are excited to get a deal once in a while but get really annoyed if you are sending them all the time.

It is also a good way to ask customers how you did and get some feedback. Replying to a text takes about two seconds, and most people are willing to do it. Why not try it out and see if you get more business?