Did you watch the Super Bowl this year? How about the commercials? If so, you know the commercials were just as sad and disappointing as the game.

The Super Bowl is known for a time when the best commercials on TV are played, making it the one time a year you actually try to watch commercials. But the effect this year has been minimal as people were more disappointed than anything.

Safe and disconnected marketing

This year held plenty of “safe” Super Bowl commercials that weren’t particularly entertaining for anyone. It was lackluster. Not only did companies spend millions of dollars to create the commercials, but they also spent millions to post the during the Super Bowl. You might be thinking that the risk is worth it since it doesn’t work as well to market in other ways, but there is a more personalized level of marketing that can work significantly better than the disappointing Super Bowl ads this year.

Mobile marketing responsiveness

One method of marketing to reach a larger audience is to incorporate mobile into everything. And example of success with mobile marketing was when the Esurance ad during the Super Bowl that gave a short period in which people could tweet to win some cash. The ad brought in over 1.2 million tweets, according to Mobile Marketer, which is a pretty impressive number. It’s even more impressive when you consider that fact that not a lot of people use the Twitter app, and few people are willing to pull out their computers to do something while watching the Super Bowl with friends. It just goes to show that people are much more responsive about an advertisement when you incorporate mobile marketing.

You can use mobile too

As we can see, people have no problem whipping out their phones and using them in any situation. In fact, some people go so far as to look at texts during job interviews. Maybe it is a little out of hand, but the fact is that your business can benefit from it. If people are willing to use their phones and look at texts immediately, it means that any text marketing you are doing will be seen right away. It doesn’t matter whether or not your customer comes into the store right away or waits a couple of days.

One of the greatest tricks to get people into your store is reminding them you exist. Maybe they would love to come in and buy some clothes but kind of forgot you exist. There’s so much competition out there now that being remembered is one of your best tools. Huge companies like Walmart might not need text advertising, but every small business owner needs to have text messaging platforms set up to draw in more customers. And as we saw with the Super Bowl, the only ad people really remember is the one that included mobile participation.

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