In the past, marketing meant a lot of print advertisements. Newspapers, magazines, billboards, and even ads in coffee shops were the main form of spreading news about your company. However, things have changed as technology has improved, and print ads may not be as important to companies as they once were. In fact, mobile marketing is the most important way to contact your customers now and should be employed by every business.

Print ads decreasing

Newspaper and magazine companies have been struggling with the transition to online media instead of print, but they have even more incentive now that print advertising deals have gone down drastically. According to the Wall Street Journal, global spending is expected to drop 8.7% in 2016 which would be the biggest drop since the recession when it dropped 13.7% in 2009. This is just the kind of push these types of companies need to get them more fully integrated with online media and less focused on pushing print papers where consumers are no longer interested in getting them.

Mobile ads almost free

One of the reasons why businesses have stopped pushing print ads and have started focusing on mobile is that many different types of mobile marketing is practically free. Sending emails, texts, and working with social media platforms doesn’t cost a company much for the amount of customers who are able to view it. It is much more coverage for a lot less money than print ads, and it is almost guaranteed to hit your target audience whereas print ads are going to practically anyone. There are plenty of online strategies to go about reaching your audience and more and more people are spending their days on their smartphones instead of reading the newspaper.

More personalization expectation

With so much technology available, people have come to expect more personalization with marketing efforts. No longer are you putting an ad up for a vast audience and hoping to snag a few new customers. Instead, you are sending ads directly to your current customers or directly to customers who would be interested in it. It is more beneficial for businesses to personalize, but it is also what your customers expect from you. Through mobile marketing, you are able to offer this extensive type of personalization, especially through text marketing where you can target whatever specific demographic you would like. Overall, this is the biggest feature of mobile marketing that will most benefit your company, and it is what you should be looking at focusing on in the future.