Each year more and more businesses flock to mobile marketing as a way to build rapport with customers and to boost sales

Think of mobile as an extension of one’s self. People and their smartphones are inseparable. They do everything and go everywhere together. As a result, it’s an opportunity for businesses to form a personal connection with their customers.

A good starting point for any business looking to get into mobile marketing is to make sure you have a mobile optimized website. You want to make it easy for customers to find you on the internet via smartphone and make it easy for them to find the information they’re looking for.

Another mobile marketing must is a text message marketing campaign. The SMS channel is so versatile that it can improve virtually any mobile marketing campaign. If you’re already doing mobile marketing. Chances are you’ve already got these two things down. But if you really want to stand out and maximize profits, consider these mobile marketing strategies you may not have tried yet:

  • Mobile SEO. It doesn’t matter how good your mobile website is if your customers can’t find it easily. Invest time in SEO, or consider hiring a professional, to make sure your business’s website is near the top of the list when customers are searching for a product or service your business offers
  • Mobile app. The problem with mobile apps is that it usually costs a lot of money to develop. Furthermore, out of hundreds of thousands of mobile apps, only a very small percentage are downloaded and used regularly. If your app only does the same thing your website does, then it will be a poor use of your marketing budget. But if you’ve got a unique idea for an app however and it is something that will be of value to customers then go for it
  • Predictive technology. One field that’s growing in popularity in the mobile marketing industry is predictive technology. It’s a proactive approach to marketing in which you predict and suggest products or services a person might be interested in based on other purchases. If for example a customer is browsing on your website for a winter hat, your site could be designed to then suggest a matching scarf
  • Mobile check-in incentives. A great way to create a social media presence is to encourage your customers to check-in using their preferred social media account. One way to do this is to offer a small discount in exchange for a check-in. As your customers tell their friends that they’re in your store, it makes your business an exciting place to be. You’ll see that your customers will start doing a lot of your advertising work for you

These are just a few of many mobile marketing strategies out there for you to try. So no matter what kind of success you’re already achieving with mobile marketing, don’t be afraid to try new things. You’ll find that some strategies work better than others for your particular business. Experiment and find what works and then implement it into your mobile marketing campaign.

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