If you’re new to the mobile marketing game, you may not have heard of mobile analytics. Simply put, the term “mobile analytics” refers to the testing of various mobile marketing strategies to determine their effectiveness. As more and more people in America buy smartphones, becoming mobile friendly has become a top priority for many business owners. Some are in such a hurry that they jump right in to launching their mobile marketing campaigns without setting aside a budget to test the effectiveness of their efforts. Ultimately, causing a lack of direction. Spending some of your budget on analytics eventually saves a business in the long run by identifying the most effective strategies.

What can mobile testing do for you?

There are tons of ways to do mobile marketing. Between mobile apps, text message marketing, QR codes, mobile banners, and dozens of other ways, the combinations are endless. When a business launches a mobile marketing campaign consisting of several different mobile strategies and sales increase, the next question is which strategies were effective. Mobile analytics can help to answer that question. Say you’ve launched a mobile friendly version of your website and at the same time began a text message marketing campaign. Mobile analytics tell you how many people are visiting your mobile site, how long they stayed and the percentage making a purchase. To test your texting campaign, send out a mobile coupon and simply see how many redeem it.

Mobile analytics can tell you which aspects of your mobile marketing campaign aren’t working. It can even help you make what is working work even better.

Testing provides insight into customers

Not only do mobile analytics help you fine tune your marketing strategies, they can help you understand your customers better too. Mobile is unlike any other advertising tool in that users interact with it constantly day in and day out. It’s not an exaggeration to say that a person’s mobile phone is an extension of the owner. When you’re tracking mobile consumers’ behavior, you come to understand them better. For instance, mobile analytics can tell you whether your customers are more likely to redeem a ten dollar off coupon or a 10% off coupon for a 100 dollar product.

Mobile Analytics Part 1: The Essentials. (Count.ly)

Testing improves your mobile strategy

Testing and then fine tuning your marketing strategy is always going to be more effective than the “spray and pray” approach. With the latter, you can never be sure what’s working and what’s not and you will continue to invest money in ineffective strategies. On the other, investing in mobile analytics will help you fine tune your mobile marketing campaign in order to get the most out of it in the long run.