Consumer convenience is one of the most important parts of mobile marketing success. It is also through these devices that consumers are most easily reached, making it a great opportunity for marketers

Mobile marketing is one of the easiest ways to market thanks to smartphones and tablets simply because of mobile’s ability to reach a broad number of consumers.  Companies used to struggle when it came to acquiring phone numbers and email addresses from their consumers as consumers didn’t like the idea of constantly being bombarded by company advertisements on their personal devices. Now that consumers rely on their mobile devices for almost everything, they have started to prefer mobile contact from brands. Alongside, companies have also learned which mobile marketing techniques work, and which ones don’t.  

Mobile marketing can either make or break a company and there is a fine line between success and failure when mobile marketing because of the personal nature of mobile.  If companies are careful with how they market through mobile devices, they will maintain loyal consumers, but if they are not considerate of their consumers and they overwhelm them, they are likely to lose business.

Making mobile campaigns convenient for consumers

Companies are coming up with creative ways to impress their consumers through mobile marketing, but the ultimate success comes down to the convenience. 

Hertz, the rental car company, has created an app that gives consumers a more enjoyable travel experience.  The app is free and includes a travel planner as well as thousands of maps for places around the United States. It also includes a GPS feature that syncs to car GPS systems in order to give consumers a peace of mind. Another exciting feature travelers can enjoy is a suggestion of local attractions.

The Hertz app is a great example of a company making consumers’ lives easier via mobile marketing. The app develops loyal relationships between the company and the consumers ultimately leading to an increase in business. Consumers who can count on their favorite brands to make life more convenient through mobile marketing are likely to stay with those companies and provide referrals because of their great experiences.