The challenge of mobile marketing comes from the constant competition between companies to come up with the most creative mobile advertisements

Technology is advancing rapidly, and along with it, companies are becoming more and more creative when it comes to mobile marketing. We are always left in awe over each new form of technology, in constant wonder what will be thought of next and mobile marketing works the same way. New forms of adverting often impress consumers, especially if they are easy to use. It is the excitement for the creativity behind mobile advertisements that keep consumers interested–wanting more.

Maintaining relevance in marketing 

One of the easiest ways to mobile market is through SMS and interactive application ads simply because of the popularity of smartphones. Because of the simplicity behind SMS and application advertisements, companies must continue to bring new material to the table to keep interest high. Just when companies begin to believe that everything’s already been thought of, new and astounding ideas present themselves forcing a never ending game of catch-up.

Vapor Communications transmitting smells 

Vapor communications has developed a new interactive application known as oSnap that can successfully transmit scents – an idea that has most likely been labeled as impossible in the past. oSnap contains over 300,000 scents known as oNotes which users can tag to photos that they send through SMS.  Of course, users must have the right technology hardware to allow the scents to be shared, and currently there are only a few places known as oPhone hotspots where the scent technology is actually possible, but it’s only a matter of time before the technology will be available to a larger share of devices. 

Consumers relate to aromas, and many times aromas are a big reason purchases are made in certain stores.  Aromatic signals are a great way to gain and retain business because environment has a lot to do with how successful a business will be, and let’s face it, smells are an important part of environment.

What this means for mobile marketers

Now that smartphones and tablets are a part of everyday life for nearly everyone in the United States, companies must use some form of mobile marketing if they want to be successful. Many times a simple SMS coupon will suffice, but it is important that companies also continue to be creative and come up with unique ways to impress their consumers.  Application engineers are working on sensory stimulation experiences through mobile messages, and if companies can incorporate these new technologies into their mobile marketing tactics, consumers will continue to be engaged with the companies rather than lose interest.