The holidays are coming up, and it is that time of year when people start spending more money than normal on products and services as gifts. Figuring out how to reach out to all these customers and remind them of the gifts you have to offer can be daunting. But it is essential to work through mobile, especially as a growing number of people are using mobile to do their holiday shopping. In fact, Biz Report explained that 70% of moms in the UK and US are using mobile devices as their primary shopping search tools. Here are three tips for marketing through mobile this holiday season.

1. Optimize your website

It is clear that people are using smartphones to research and purchase products and services for the holidays. That means you need to make sure you have a website that is optimized for mobile. It is so easy to switch to a different business with a better website if yours isn’t functioning properly on mobile, and you can pretty much guarantee people will be on your site while researching which products they want to buy.

Do not forget that functionality and checkout processes need to be optimized for mobile as well. If links work on your laptop but not on mobile, that is a problem. And if the checkout process is difficult, consumers will just move on to something else. People are more likely to make impulse buys from their smartphone if they can do it quickly and easily without getting off the couch. Abandoned carts are the worst, but one of the best ways to get rid of that is by making checkout as streamlined as possible through mobile.

2. Texting functionality

Some of your most important customers are Millennials who much prefer to communicate with your business without ever actually having to pick up the phone. They hate phone calls, and if they can get answers from their smartphone instead, they prefer it. One really great way to market to them during the holidays is through texting. You can send text messages to them with promotions in them, and you can give them links to your site for more research (but make sure your site is optimized for mobile first). But one of the best things you can do with text marketing is allow your customers to text you their questions instead of making a call. With AI chatbots, they can get their answers automatically and immediately, and customers are happy to have been able to communicate with a business without having to make a phone call or wait on hold.

3. Social Media Information

People who are doing research on your business often gravitate towards social media. They will check out your Facebook page or Instagram or even Twitter to see the kinds of interactions you have had with other customers already in order to determine if you are the kind of company they want to buy from. On top of that, it is a really great place to handle customer service issues. Plus, it’s a great place to send out ads to current customers to remind them that you offer great gifts for their friends and loved ones. Make sure your social media sites are up to date and that you are ready to use them during the holidays.