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By Chantel Fullilove

Nine Mobile Marketing Tactics

  • Encourage check-ins at your business. There are a number of different ways your customers can use their smartphone’s location sharing capabilities to tell their friends that they’re at your business. If you want people to see your business as a happening place you’ll want to encourage your customers to check-in by offering them some kind of incentive whether it’s a special promotion or discount or a free gift

  • Social media presence. Have a Facebook page, a twitter account, and a Linkedin profile and keep them up to date. You want your customers to be able to find your business on a variety of social media platforms. Best of all, social media is free to use

  • Use text message marketing. Next to social media (which is free) no other form of mobile marketing is as cost effective as text message marketing. If you want bang for your buck find creative ways to get your customers to opt in and be on your texting list. Keep them on that list by offering them value such as informing them about special deals or by sending mobile coupons

  • Use your smartphone to build your email list. There are tools on your smartphone that allow you to effortlessly add to your email list without having to collect business cards and copy over email addresses

  • Use QR codes. They provide your customers with a way to instantly be taken to a page on your business’s website by simply scanning the QR code which you can place on advertisements, business cards, or in your email signature

  • Advertise through mobile search. Much of mobile search is focused on local businesses so capitalize on it by using PPC for mobile devices

  • Simplify customer service. A smartphone can automate a lot of your customer service efforts. Make it possible for your customers to make mobile payments and track orders from their smartphones and you’ll see more business

  • Join mobile directories. It’s to your advantage to be found on a number of different mobile directories. Your customers should be able to find you on Google +, Yelp, etc… Make sure you keep these listings up to date with your business’s current address, phone number, email, hours of operation, and website URL

  • Create a mobile app. People who have to frequently visit a website report that they would prefer to download an app for it instead. Reward your frequent customers with an app they can download to stay connected with your business easier