Obtaining new customers is very expensive and difficult, but ultimately, it is worth it because they typically turn into returning customers. Every business knows a customer that comes back is very valuable, which means your company needs to spend time marketing to both types of audiences. One of the ways you can market to current customers is while they are in the store. You may not even realize it, but in-store advertising can be just as valuable as trying to get them in the store.

Getting them while in the store

There are many ways to get customer’s attention while in the store. One way to get their attention is to have up signs offering instant discounts if they sign up for mobile messaging. Many stores offer discounts to use at a future time as well. You can determine which of these will work better for you, but either way, a customer that has signed up for mobile alerts typically won’t go through the effort of unsubscribing unless they are really upset with your business, and once you have them hooked, it is a lot easier to communicate with them in the future.

Another thing to do is to send specific discounts to them, such as buy 2 get 1 free shirts. If a customer came in for just one shirt, they will probably leave with 3 instead, and if they came in to buy pants, they might consider spending a few minutes looking at shirts because of the deal. It’s a great way to reward customer loyalty while increasing your sales.

Reaching them when close by

Another valuable way to market to your current customers is through sending them messages when they are close by. Sometimes they are too busy to stop in, but if they are already close and you send them a deal, they are likely to stop in. For a restaurant, for example, a customer might realize that they are hungry and stop in for food once you send them a text message offer. A clothing store might get a customer who remembers that they were meaning to pick up a new shirt and might as well stop if they are already in the area. It is simple and easy, and that is why it works so well.

Whatever you decide to do, mobile marketing is a very effective way to advertise to customers who are already shopping with you, and it will help you retain more customers.

Source: Multi Channel Merchant