As with all things involving technology, the mobile marketing industry is constantly changing. With the new year comes new changes. Experts have differing opinions about what trends you can expect to see with mobile marketing but all agree that this year will be the biggest yet for mobile marketing. More consumers will be conducting mobile searches than ever before and more consumers will be making purchases from their mobile devices. Businesses hoping to capitalize will want to stay up to date with the latest mobile marketing trends. Here’s a look at a few most experts can agree on.

Personalized Messages

Already the most common form of mobile advertisement is a mobile offer. By giving customers great deals, they are more likely to make purchases. But if you really want to turn a curious shopper to an actual buyer, you want to send them a personalized offer. Mobile technology has advanced to a point where very specific offers can be automatically sent based on what the shopper is looking for. If a shopper is on a retailer’s mobile website researching a certain type of product and a deal suddenly pops up for that product, that customer is going to be much more likely to make the purchase.

Location based marketing

Already a growing trend, location based marketing allows businesses to automatically advertise to customers who are nearby. It’s expected than in 2019, location based marketing can be used at a micro level. Say a customer is in a popular retail store and as they near the electronics section, they receive a notification regarding sales in that department of the store. The right deal at just the right time is going to be far more effective than an advertisement received while sitting at home.


You’ve heard the phrase “casting a wide net.” This is the opposite. Rather than waste valuable advertising dollars to send a message that 99% of people won’t respond to, you can reach out to the 5% of your audience who are most likely to act on that message. That way, 20% of your target audience responds instead of 1%.


Since mobile marketing began, text message marketing (or SMS) has been the dominant channel. At the current rate however, MMS is going to overtake SMS. MMS is different than SMS in that it allows businesses to exceed the 160 character limit. With MMS, businesses can send images, audio and video clips, and links to online content or social media sites.

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In the mobile marketing world especially, less really is more. Because mobile users are viewing content on a smaller screen while on the go, they’re likely to lose interest faster than a person sitting at a computer. For this reason, 2019 should see content continue to grow shorter.


People are competitive by nature and are inexplicably drawn to anything that awards them. Mobile ads that entice consumers by offering points or badges are likely to be more successful than traditional ads. 2019 will see more marketers looking for ways to “gamify” their marketing strategy.