Marketers have become so creative with the ways they advertise that they have forgotten the primary and perhaps the most simple and important way to actually reach the mobile world; smartphones

According to Mobile Marketing Watch smartphone sales are at an all-time high. Technology is constantly advancing and it’s up to mobile marketers to keep up with the tech if they want to see success. Companies who want to reach the mobile market need to be familiar with and adjust their mobile marketing efforts to smartphones.

Consumers’ contact information

Mobile marketers have the opportunity of marketing to consumers in a very personal way through their smartphones.  There are several ways consumers can be reached through their smartphones, so their contact information is incredibly valuable, and trying to get it can often be a difficult feat for companies. Consumers need to know that they can trust companies with their contact information and won’t be bombarded by mobile advertisements so it is up to companies to ensure that they are not going to overwhelm consumers with ads. One of the easiest ways to get consumers to give their contact information to companies is to offer the best deals through mobile ads. Consumers are always looking for a deal so what better channel then mobile.

Marketing with smartphones

Smartphones are a great way to reach consumers in a number of ways because of the functionality. Consumers love to download marketing applications especially if it allows for control of said apps. If consumers can determine how much advertising they receive from an app it will help build brand trust. Apps are a great way to engage with consumers as well as promote product because consumers promote the apps to friends and family if they are fun and easy to use. SMS marketing is trickier than apps because consumers hate to be bothered with meaningless text messages. Companies can see great success from SMS as long as they are careful not to overload consumers with ads.  Another way consumers can access their favorite companies is by viewing the company websites from their devices. Companies should ensure that their websites are easily accessible from mobile devices.  If consumers have long wait times because the technology is not fit for mobile devices, they’ll move on to companies whose websites are accessible.

Mobile marketing convenience

Consumers are constantly looking for convenience, which is one of the purposes of smartphones. Mobile marketers have a great opportunity to make their consumers’ lives even more convenient by allowing them to contact and engage with the companies from their mobile devices. If consumers can quickly pull up a coupon from their smartphone, they will most often return to the company and promote the company to friends and family.