This year is a big one for mobile, as it’s the year that mobile web traffic is expected to surpass traditional web traffic

For business owners with a website, that means over half of all visitors on that website will be accessing it on a phone or tablet. Never has it been so important for business owners to make sure that their websites are optimized for mobile because let’s face it few things are as annoying as having to navigate a website that was designed for desktops on a tiny screen.

According to one study, only one third of mobile visitors make it past the business’s landing page.

That means a whopping two thirds are seeing the landing page and then bouncing. Mobile users don’t have as much patience as desktop users, when they open a web browser it’s usually for a specific reason. They know exactly what information they’re searching for. The lesson for business owners is this: if they can’t find what they need on your landing page, then the better your chances of getting a conversion.

Make things easier

Here are Five tips for making it easier for mobile visitors to find what they’re looking for:

  1. Use a prominent search box. When a person can’t find the information they need on the landing page, the first thing they’ll look for is a search box. You don’t want them to have to hunt for it. Place in at the top of the page and make it prominent.
  2. Use auto-complete. Typing on a tiny screen is hard. Mobile users like it when the webpage can predict what they’re searching for and auto-complete the search phrase. The easier you make it for mobile users, the less likely they are to give up their search prematurely.
  3. Use infinite scrolling. A good rule of thumb is to help mobile users find what they’re looking for with as few clicks as possible. It’s better to display search results with infinite scrolling so mobile users don’t have to click through page after page of results to find what they need.
  4. Localize information. Most of the time, mobile users that land on your mobile site are looking for contact information. Your phone number, address, email, and hours of operation should be right there on the landing page. To make it especially easy, you can include a click to call link or a map that can pinpoint where they are and give directions to help them get to where you are.
  5. Push promotions. If you’ve got any special deals going on, there’s a good chance your mobile visitors will want to know about them. Use your landing page as a way to make them aware of any promotions. Just make sure your promotions don’t get in the way of what they’re searching for.