Amazon Flow is making smartphones smarter, which is something we love to see. The app is allowing us to find prices on any product without much effort.

Making life just a little easier for the average shopping customer.

Recognizing brands

People who wanted to save some money or make sure they were getting the best deal possible had a scanner app on their phone. The app would let you go to a store, scan the barcode, and get as much information as possible from it. Most of the time, you just wanted to go to Amazon and check the price there anyway, especially for anyone with free two-day shipping on Amazon Prime. Sometimes it’s cheaper on Amazon. Luckily, the Amazon Flow technology now recognizes brands from pictures instead of just needing a barcode scanned.

Another feature of the app is it allows you to scan a bunch of items at once instead of just one at a time making it easier to compare products in the store. Maybe you’re trying to decide between two movies and just want to quickly check reviews or maybe you just need to see if the price is better in the store or on Amazon.

Why Amazon?

Some of the reasons why people like Amazon over brick and mortar stores is that Amazon has very competitive pricing. On top of that, you don’t have to pay sales tax on the products in most states, at least for now. Then there is the fact that you have so many options to choose from, whereas a store can only stock so much product. Having reviews on all the products also gives Amazon a very competitive edge. The Amazon Flow app is only going to make Amazon even more appealing to people now.

Get the app; advertising

The app is currently available in the app store for anyone with an iOS device. If you have that device and want to find more efficient ways to show your favorite things, you can try it out. All we know is that smartphones are getting better every day and offering more and more for everyday people. Your company should be taking full advantage of the opportunity by investing in more mobile advertising. The more advertising you can do through mobile, the better, especially since everyone is switching to mobile. Amazon is just one of many businesses that have already figured out mobile is where it is all at. Many more companies are likely to follow. You need to consider your mobile advertising options to decide how to best find your customers. Try text message advertising or get your social media all put together. Whatever you decide to do, do it on mobile, and you’ll be fine.

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