Mobile marketing is one of the most successful marketing strategies as mobile devices are so popular among consumers, but companies must constantly make sure their mobile marketing tactics keep up with the newest tech

Companies who underestimate the frequency of technology advancements wilil lose consumers due to outdated mobile marketing tactics so it’s important that companies grow alongside technology. Several brands have introduced new mage and facial recognition technology to their applications.

Image recognition is merely an upgrade from bar and QR codes, however the attraction of image recognition is the convenience it brings. Many companies hate the idea of constantly having to update their mobile tactics because it can be time consuming but image and facial recognition is simple to add to existing marketing applications, and allows consumers to scan items from magazines and purchase them right on the spot. Consumers rely on this convenience now that mobile technology has become a part of everyday life. Because image recognition makes it easy for consumers to purchase products straight from the app, companies are likely to see substantial growth.

Image recognition feature works to the company’s benefit in a number of ways. Not only is it convenient for the consumer, which ultimately brings in business, it is also an easy way for companies to see which products are the most popular among consumers.Ideally, mobile marketing should work for companies in multiple ways, and this new feature definitely allows that to happen.

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Keeping mobile marketing personal

Along with image recognition comes the new facial recognition feature as consumers are all about online profiles and personalization of their mobile presence.

Facial recognition allows consumers to snap a picture of themselves or of another person and attach digital data to it. It is predicted that facial recognition technology will eventually be the main form of identity for consumers. Image and facial recognition features are an ideal way to keep mobile marketing personal for each consumer. These features allow consumers to build and update their mobile profiles and create custom experiences with brands. Consumers like the idea of personalization because it makes them feel like a valued customer rather than just a number on the data sheet.

Companies should create or update their mobile marketing tactics to include image and facial recognition features because they are already proving to be successful, and in all reality consumers are going to turn to those companies who use the most updated forms of technology in marketing because we live in a technology savvy world.  Old school is no longer an option if companies want to see success so keep your mobile presence updated and convenient to use for consumers will bring in and keep business.