Video has proven itself a valuable marketing tool now, InMobi, a leader in mobile advertising, has unveiled its latest video ad platform. Changing the way we think of video mobile marketing

Typically, when people watch a video, it’s a passive experience for them. InMobi’s new platform is designed to create an interactive experience for mobile users.

How it works

InMobi’s new video format is designed specifically for mobile devices. Because of mobile’s ability to play video enhanced with interactive features and contextual information, the videos won’t work as television advertisements. The real power behind the new video format is that it drives customer behavior. Marketers have known for a long time that success in marketing depends on being able to get consumers to take action. While watching a video ad is an important first step, InMobi takes it further by asking mobile consumers to interact with that video.

The more the viewer is immersed into the video watching experience, the more likely that viewer is to convert as a result of it.:

InMobi’s four exciting features

InMobi’s new video ad platform contains four exciting features

Interactive canvas

  • By being able to overlay interactive content onto the video, marketers can enhance the video by allowing consumers to click on links, including click-to-call links. If the video is an advertisement for a certain product, simply clicking on an image of the product imbedded in the video could take a person to a website with more information about it.

Smart ads

  • When a consumer is trying to watch a video, nothing is more annoying that being forced to watch a totally irrelevant advertisement. InMobi makes it possible for ads to be relevant and based on context. Ads are generated according to information from live feeds such as weather and stock market data. So if the weather is really hot that day, consumers will view ads for cold drinks. Smarter ads means more revenue for marketer.

Video continuum

  • The video ad platform plays ads from a predetermined video series. These videos are linked together by a similar frame or background to tell the viewer that the ads are part of a sequence for a specific product

Relevant retargeting

  • The new video format allows marketers to embed questions within the video ad. When customers answer these questions, the ad platform can take those responses into account to provide them with more relevant advertising in the future. Just as Netflix allows users to see recommended titles based on their viewing history, advertisements can be based on viewer preferences

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