Changing role of technology

As a new generation of buyers starts purchasing homes, furnishing she-caves and increasing their discretionary budgets, global brands are leveraging online texting to turn one-time customers into loyal brand fans. The first interaction a customer has with your brand is not through a person; instead, it is through technology. So to have a good first impression, you need to improving your engagement and online texting is a perfect too.

Texting is #1 for Ease-of-Access

Customer satisfaction is now largely based on how well easy it is to access your brand.

If they find that it is difficult, even if it just means they have to use a form of communication they are uncomfortable with, consumer satisfaction will be less than ideal. However, if you are on one of their preferred mediums, or on their cell phone through text, your brand is laying a stepping stones to building trust. 

Social Media

Online texting options are integrated into major social media platform like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Additionally, your phone number is listed in all online profiles. What happens when a millennial customer calls you and you can’t answer the call? Or when a customers has to hold on the phone line listening to a recorded message or auto attendant? Text enabling your phone number with an online texting service allows the new generation to speak with you directly. This suggests that communicating with your customers through social media has a real impact on the success of your brand. Make sure you are available on all social media channels and online texting is setup so you are interacting with your customers on a regular basis.

Review sites

Make sure you are checking the review sites for your business. Surprisingly, there are a lot of people who choose to rate your business on review sites instead of directly to you or on social media. That means it is your business’ job to find to those sites, check the reviews, and respond as much as possible. Post your text enabled phone number on review sites and encourage millennial customers to communicate feedback directly to you. You can encourage customers to contact you directly be offering a coupon or freebie. The benefit of adding your text enable phone numbers is that you now have your customers’ phone number and can market to him / her in the future. For more on integrating SMS to your eCommerce site read our blog.

New Gen Is Not Going to Call Your Brand

You’ve seen the trend and it is time your business shifts gears and changes the way you develop long-lasting relationships and trust with your consumers. Most of your customer base is going to be younger Millennials and Generation Z, and they are spend more time in online interactions than in-person. But they are not only sharing pictures with friends on Snapchat, they are also engaging with brands online. The new generation is not going to call you when they a question or can’t find the answer online. They prefer to text.

Do you have the tools to allow new customers to text you online? Brands that are focused on cultivating new buyers are integrating online texting services to answer frequent questions, respond to tracking updates, survey customers and much more. Don’t stay behind the competition and you will reap the rewards with your buyers.