On Friday, August 1st the Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act was signed into law allowing consumers to take their mobile phone to the carrier that best suits their needs by “unlocking” the device

President Obama has signed in a law that makes it easier for your to change mobile carriers without all the extra added expense. Not only will this bill allow for you to get a new mobile plan, it will also allow you to have more access to your phone than ever before without any repercussions and makes it easier for everyone to have access to a smartphone than ever before.

The new bill

About two years, ago, the Library of Congress made it illegal for consumers to “unlock” their phones for any purpose.

This meant that if you wanted to switch mobile carriers from, say, Verizon to T-Mobile, you would have to get a completely new phone because otherwise, it would be kept locked by your current mobile carrier. Of course, that means that recycled cell phones were basically worthless and consumers were being controlled by the mobile carrier industry. For this reason, phone unlocking bill was passed to prevent customers from feeling so locked into one specific mobile carrier and to help consumers have the ability to use their phones in whatever way they’d like.

More options for everyone

It used to be that an old cell phone was basically worthless unless you planned to stay with the same mobile carrier. But now that it’s legal to unlock your cell phone, someone who may not necessarily be able to afford a smartphone can buy ones that are used and utilize cheaper mobile carrier networks. The bill makes it easier for the last few who don’t have a smartphone to make the switch. For marketers, this means your advertising efforts are going to be seen by even those who you previously were unable to reach.

Mobile marketing to grow even more

You know mobile marketing is essential to get new clients as well as keep the ones you already have. With so many advancements in cell phone capabilities as well as new laws making it possible for more people to have access to phones, your efforts are going to be even more important. One thing to remember is that despite any changes in the cell phone market, your customers will always communicate through texts. The ability to send and receive texts as a business is always going to be effective. Though you may not be able to afford to hire a whole team of customer service reps to constantly answer texts from your customers, you can still get an artificial intelligence texting service to recognize texts from consumers and respond to them without you ever having to lift a finger. Make sure your customers, new and old, always feel like they are getting individualized service by simply allowing for a personalized text message service.

Source: cbsnews.com/news/obama-signs-bill-unlocking-cellphones/