Pinterest is a global sensation that’s become a marketing tool used by several brands, millions of pins promote companies around the world, and many of them are successful at bringing in business

Pinterest is business

Until now, it has been difficult for companies to determine whether or not their pin advertisements actually bring them business, but Pinterest is preparing to launch a new marketing program that can track business that comes straight from pins on Pinterest. This new update will:

  • Let companies know which pins are the most appealing to their customers,
  • Which products are the most popular and
  • Which pins drive the most sales.

So how will brands market on Pinterest?

So far only a few third-party marketing companies have been selected to try out the new program. While Pinterest intends on having its own free analytical marketing program for all companies, third-party marketing companies currently help keep track of consumer data, and therefore Pinterest has decided to first team up with test clients to see if the new program will actually be successful. The marketing technology companies involved with the new program are Salesforce (Exact Target Marketing Cloud), Hootsuite, Spredfast, Percolate, Piqora, Curalate and Tailwind.  

If businesses currently use these third-party marketing companies, they are able to test out the new Pinterest marketing program. If the new program proves successful, Pinterest will then open up the program to all companies, and each company will be able to customize the way they market using Pinterest.

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One of Pinterest’s major goals is to promote business for companies.  In order to achieve their goal, it is not only important for companies to see how much revenue is generated through their creative Pinterest advertisements, but for Pinterest to see those results as well. Through this data, Pinterest will be able to see which terms are searched for most frequently, helping companies know how to phrase their ads. Pinterest wants to be able to help companies see which marketing tactics are most successful. The more companies who use Pinterest to market will also bring in more Pinterest activity from consumers, making Pinterest a successful site.

Benefits of marketing through Pinterest

Companies like Target and Wal-Mart have put Pinterest to use in their stores.

Special items are tagged as “most popular on Pinterest,” ultimately drawing in consumers who are frequent Pinterest users. The familiar Pinterest logo is enough to attract any Pinterest user roaming through the store. This also shows companies that there is a way, though it might be difficult, to currently track how successful Pinterest advertisements actually are. It is no secret that Pinterest is a successful marketing tool. Even though receiving actual marketing data might be a challenge at this time, companies should start taking advantage of the free marketing through Pinterest. Eventually it will be possible to see exact consumer data from Pinterest, but even until then companies have access to this free and popular marketing tool.