Marketing is changing quickly, especially now that technology is advancing quickly and pulling businesses with it. Businesses that want to stay competitive and that want to give customers what they need must focus on marketing with that technology. In 2019, there are many things a marketing team should focus on if they want to be successful. Here are some of the things to do to prepare for the new year.

Start Using Artificial Intelligence

If your business hasn’t already started working with an artificial intelligence company to get your marketing team the right technology, now is the time to do so. AI technology has advanced dramatically in the last couple of years making it possible to do amazing things with a marketing team. It can send out targeted and personalized text and emails to customers. It can be used to run social media accounts by determining what should be posted, how often to post, and how to respond to customers. Artificial Intelligence is capable of giving real time feedback from customers on campaigns making it so you can adjust instead of spending months on a wasted campaign that isn’t working for your customers. And on top of all that, you can use an AI chatbot to literally chat or text customers who have questions about your business or products. A business that wants to stay ahead of the game in 2019 needs to get started with artificial intelligence.

Focus on diversity in hiring

When deciding who to hire, we always want to hire people who are like us. We figure that if we are good at the job and we need someone to help in that position, then someone who is just like us will be a good fit. This line of thinking ignores the fact that marketing needs to be done to a wide audience of individuals, and people who are different from you will have a different perspective that is valuable when determining a marketing campaign. People from different races, ethnicities, social backgrounds, and genders are extremely valuable in the workplace but especially when developing a strong marketing team in the new year.

Brand experience

In the last few years, businesses have been getting on the Internet and focusing on spreading out marketing tactics in every way possible. They’ve been on social media, texting, emails, a website, and forums to try and promote their products. The real problem we’ve seen is that businesses are having a hard time identifying their voice and keeping that brand experience the same across all platforms. It can be difficult, especially when there are multiple employees from different backgrounds all trying to participate in the cause. However, it is extremely important in 2019 that customers who interact with your business feel like they are working with one brand and one company. Find your voice and make sure the whole marketing team is trained on how to properly communicate with customers to maintain a brand experience.

Developing Trust

The big thing this year was fake news. And because of it, customers have learned to be a bit more wary of anything presented to them. They won’t automatically believe you when you say your product works or that you donate a portion of proceeds, which means developing trust between businesses and customers will become essential to getting a sale. In 2018, companies that want to have a successful marketing campaign won’t be able to slide by without first finding a way to develop trust. This will come in providing valuable and accurate information as well as interacting on social media platforms to ensure customers know you care about their needs and wouldn’t ever do wrong to them.

The best thing any company can do when marketing to their customer is to really consider how the customer feels and what the customer’s needs are and then meeting those needs. Develop trust, build your brand, focus on showing off the products and why they need it, and you’ll see marketing success in 2018.