Often times consumers are hesitant to give their contact information to companies in order to become part of mobile marketing campaigns

In order for mobile marketing campaigns to be successful, companies must remember a few basic principles. It’s easy to become carried away by all the creative ways to reach the mobile market, and many companies forget how obnoxious mobile marketing can become if it is not done correctly, no matter which technique they are using. 

The power of coupons

Although consumers hesitate to give their contact information to companies, don’t underestimate the power of coupons. Consumers are always looking for the best deals, and if that requires them to give their email address or phone number, they are likely to do so as long as the deal is worth it.  If companies want to experience success through mobile marketing they should make some of their best deals exclusively to mobile subscribers. If consumers know that they will be receiving coupons and special rewards from companies through their mobile devices they’ll be more willing to give out their information.

Consumers are looking for convenience

One reason mobile marketing can be so successful is because of the convenience it provides to consumers. Consumers are using their mobile devices for just about everything these days because they make life a lot easier in most aspects. Consumers are more likely to give their information to companies and become part of mobile marketing campaigns if it is convenient. Companies should make sure their websites and mobile campaigns are easy to access, especially from mobile devices–have those sites optimized!  If consumers can easily engage with their favorite brands, they will not only stay with those brands, but promote them to their friends and family ultimately bringing in business.

Avoiding an overload

One of the biggest reasons consumers hesitate to give their information to companies for marketing purposes is because they do not want their mobile devices to be invaded by ads.  Once companies have the contact information of their consumers, they must treat it as a privilege the utmost respect.  Consumers like to be in control of the marketing they receive, so give consumers the opportunity to opt-out. One way mobile marketers can engage with their consumers is through interactive marketing apps. Consumers have full control over applications while they receive promotions for the company leading to a trusting relationship between the consumers and the company.  Once companies abuse the power they receive from obtaining the contact information of their consumers, however, they are likely to see a decrease in business.

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