The post-millenial generation

Mobile marketing has never been easier now that mobile technology is a part of every day life for most consumers.  There are several different ways to reach consumers of all types through television, smartphones, computers, tablets, gaming consoles, and e-readers, which opens the doors for mobile marketers to be creative with their advertising.  Perhaps the most difficult part about mobile marketing is trying to discover which mobile marketing method works the best for certain companies.  Considering or targeting specific consumer types is one of the most successful ways to market if it is done properly, and many companies ironically forget to consider all of their consumers when they are mobile marketing and that is why they fail.

Consumers are the most important part of marketing because without consumers there is no business, so companies should reach out to every type of consumer possible.  Companies are constantly forgetting about some of their most important consumers, which are currently known as Generation Z.  According to Mobile Marketer, most companies focus on the Generation Y or Millennial consumers and completely look past Generation Z – the upcoming generation – because of their youth.  Companies should turn their focus to this new generation because they have become the most familiar with mobile devices.  These days mobile technology becomes a part of their lives as soon as they are born, so they learn quickly how to use it.

Marketing and reaching out to GenZ 

Gen Z consumers are perhaps the most difficult consumers to please when it comes to mobile technology.  They are looking for the most up-to-date, easy to use technology that gives them information they need without having to wait.  This means that companies must continually keep their mobile advertisements updated with the most current forms of technology.  Gen Z consumers have shorter attention spans than Gen Y consumers, and they process information at a quicker pace, therefore they are looking for the fastest technology possible.  Mobile advertisements need to stand out, but also be digestible for Gen Z consumers or else they will almost always be over looked.  While it is intimidating for companies to accommodate Gen Z consumers, because Gen Z consumers are so familiar with mobile technology that they can greatly benefit companies by spreading the word via social media, SMS, and email meaning more business!  Companies cannot go wrong by reaching out to this new generation of consumers because they determine the fate of companies.  Companies typically struggle with Gen Z consumers simply because they do not tend to be loyal consumers like Gen Y consumers are, but if mobile marketing is directed toward Gen Z consumers, businesses are likely to see an influx in business because Gen Z consumers are so familiar with the mobile world.  It might take a lot of effort to keep mobile marketing up to Gen Z standards, but once it is pleasing to this generation, consumers all over the world will hear the news!