We are still quite a ways away from the release of the 10th anniversary edition of the iPhone, but there are already plenty of rumors about what customers can expect. With few changes in the last few years, fans are dying to get something unique. And if the rumors are true, that might be exactly what Apple delivers. Here are the rumors of what to expect in the new phone release.

Three different phone options

The biggest rumor about the iPhone 8 is that it will be released in 3 new phone options. Two of these will simply be upgraded versions of the iPhone 7, and they will be named the 7s and 7s Plus. The two upgraded versions will only have minor changes. Of course you can expect the standard upgrades that come with every phone such as a better, faster camera and a faster processor.

The third phone, rumored to be named the iPhone X for the 10th anniversary, is anticipated to have huge changes to it, including the following:

  • All-glass design
  • Curved organic light-emitting diode screen
  • 5.8” screen, though the curve will make it more compact than current large iPhones
  • Home button and side phone buttons moved beneath the screen to make them all touch-based instead of physical buttons
  • Wireless charging (which might also be added to the 7s and 7s Plus)
  • 3D Touch module
  • Iris scanner for unlocking the phone
  • $1,000 price tag (due to the cost of the 3D Touch module and the wireless charging stations)

Can they get away with such a high price tag?

The real question is whether or not the $1,000  price tag is justified. People may not be willing to pay so much for a phone that has upgrades they may not want. For example, people who want to do wireless charging already can buy cases that give them the same functionality. And most people don’t even know what a 3D Touch Module is let alone know how to use it.

But it is Apple, which means they can get away with pretty much anything they want and will always have loyal fans. Plus, the iPhone 7 was priced close to $1,000 before any discounts or carrier deals, so it isn’t that far-fetched to see such a high price tag on the newest iPhone 8.

Other smartphone manufacturers competing

Rumors are that other smartphone manufacturers are also working very hard to come up with redesigned smartphones including the new Galaxy S8 which is anticipated to have huge external upgrades. The Galaxy S7 already has wireless charging available on it, so Apple may be playing a little bit of catch up in that regard.

But with all these changes to smartphones, texting is still a very big, important part of mobile. It just goes to show that text marketing will always be a good way to communicate with your customers. While texting itself gets smarter with chatbot, the method of communication will never go away.