Android is releasing a new operating system regularly, including Jelly Bean

But the truth is, Jelly Bean isn’t even the most recent operating system for Android, though it does seem to finally be getting put on most Android devices. How come Android can’t seem to convince customers to switch over to phones with the new operating system? Maybe it’s because not a lot of new phones even offer KitKat. Or maybe it’s because you need to get on the ball and finally upgrade that phone to something better. The real question is, are you so out of date that you don’t even run on Jelly Bean?

A short history of Android

The very first couple of versions for Android didn’t have code names. The first one was named Cupcake and was released in April 2009. After that, there were a variety of codenames for Android operating systems including Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, and finally, the most recent one, which is KitKat. The desert-themed names are common for Android, since deserts typically only bring good thoughts to mind. Within each of these operating system releases were updates of the system. Honeycomb and Jelly Bean, for example, both had 3 updates within their names.

Controversy over KitKat name

When it was announced that KitKat was going to be the name of the new operating system, a lot of people were surprised. By adding another  brand to the mix, you’re implying that KitKat is now a partner of Android. Though the name was only developed by a random developer who mentioned that KitKat might be a good name for the new operating system, the company has fully embraced the idea. Of course, it had to get permission from KitKat to use the name without and legal problems, which did end up developing a relationship between the two companies, but it was a great way to distinguish the most recent update from everything else. The only problem? Android is pretty slow at finally putting the new operating system on all its devices.

Most still use Jelly Bean

Even though KitKat is the most recent operating system, it is really only found on 1.4% of all Android devices. Jelly Bean hasn’t even made it to all the currently used Android devices out there. In fact, only 60% of Android phones are updated with the Jelly Bean operating system. Android is a little behind on getting people up the speed on the newest operating systems, but at least the new stuff is constantly being developed. The truth is, maybe customers aren’t as excited about the KitKat update as Android was about it. If you can’t get your customers excited about the new releases that you have, you’ll be much less successful in convincing them to make a change with you. You’ll just have to see if you have Jelly Bean, Kit Kat, or an older version of Android. More than likely, you’ll find that you have Jelly Bean too.

Source: PC Magazine