The agreement between two powerhouses known as Samsung and Google 

In the mobile world, things are constantly progressing and phone manufacturers are constantly arguing over who came up with it first. Very rarely do they agree on anything, which is why it is so surprising that a patent agreement was drawn up between Samsung and Google. No matter, this is great news for customers.  Playing nice tends to lead to friendly competition, and that kind of competition leads to better prices for customers.

Global patent deal

Google and Samsung have finally reached the end of their deal and ready to move forward. Though the financial details of the deal were not disclosed, the basic idea is to allow for Google and Samsung to better collaborate on future projects. The patent agreement allows both companies to use patents created by one or the other until 2024. The deal should be a good learning opportunity for the industry as it may serve best interest to share tech than constant legal battles over who came up with what and who stole from who.

Both companies regularly in court

Though Google and Samsung typically play nice against one another, they are both frequently fighting Apple as well as other phone manufacturers in court. Samsung has been losing a lot of court cases to Apple recently, and a deal like this could be really good for avoiding future problems. Having two major manufacturers in a patent agreement together might make them a superpower that can finally withstand Apple in court. It’s possible that Samsung and Google will rise to the top simply by sharing technology they would both end up stealing from each other anyway. At the very least, it will save a lot of money in lawsuits by agreeing to work together.

New technology rising

As a consumer, you should be excited to see the phones that will come from Google and Samsung in the coming years. Unlike Apple, they aren’t scared of innovation and changing because they offer so many more options than Apple. We can expect to see a lot more smart technology that is streamlined with the way we live our lives. Smart technology seems to be the path Google is taking, especially after buying out the Nest thermostat and fire alarm company. It wouldn’t be surprising if we had completely smart houses controlled by our smartphones in just a few years.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and iPhone 7 Plus

Good for your business

Working together means improving technology, and the patent agreement is sure to bring a lot of great new things to mobile phones. How can your small business benefit from the new technology? Well it makes it easier for you to constantly advertise to your customers. The better phones get, the more people will rely on them, and the more people rely on them, the more you can count on them to see your advertising through testing messages. It means you will have more marketing opportunities and will be able to grow your business faster.

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald