If you own a small business, you can’t afford to ignore mobile marketing any longer. If you still need some convincing, consider these seven mobile marketing facts.

Smartphones are mainstream

Some kinds of mobile marketing, like SMS marketing, are applicable to all kinds of mobile phones. Others, like mobile apps and QR codes require smartphones. Fortunately for mobile marketers, smartphones are no longer uncommon like they used to be. It’s estimated that 58% of adult Americans now use a smartphone on a daily basis.

Time spent on mobile devices is on the rise

Not only do the majority of Americans have a smartphone, but they’re using them a lot more than they used to. According to one report, the average American will spend 162 minutes (nearly 3 hours) each day using their smartphone.

Mobile is exceeding desktop use

Smartphones are so popular, in fact, that they’re even outpacing desktop internet use. Just this year, a report found that more time was spent on mobile applications via mobile device than was spent accessing the internet via desktop computer. For the first time ever, the majority of internet usage is occurring from mobile devices and not desktops or computers.

Social media and web surfing are done via mobile

Of the nearly 3 hours each person spends on their smartphone each day, nearly a quarter of that time is spend on some kind of social media site. 14% of that time is spend surfing the web. This is big news for business owners who might assume that people are simply playing games and sending texts. Social media and surfing the web are activities that can lead to them clicking on advertisements.

Mobile searches are aimed at local businesses

Contrary to popular belief, people who are performing mobile searches are looking for small, local businesses much more often than they’re looking for large restaurant or retail chains. According to one report, 79% of mobile users perform searches to find local businesses.

Mobile searchers are looking for information

One report identified which information mobile users were looking for most often. Of all mobile searches for local businesses, 56% are relating to hours of operation, 37% are looking for deals or coupons, 33% are looking for product ratings or reviews, and 26% are looking for specific products or services. All of these suggest an intention to purchase or at least an intention to visit a brick and mortar location.

Mobile users are mobile buyers

Finally, and most importantly for business owners, mobile users don’t stop at searching for information. Nearly 80% of mobile searches for local businesses result in a purchase with 76% of those occurring on the same day as the search. When mobile users find what they’re looking for, they follow through.

The message to small business owners is clear: mobile isn’t just a marketing channel for larger companies; in fact, it’s ideally suited for the needs of small business owners.

Source: business2community.com/mobile-apps/7-mobile-marketing-stats-every-local-business-know-01048303