When you use SMS (texting) to communicate with customers as opposed to email, they’re more than 5 times as likely to get the message. That’s because 80% of emails are deleted without even being opened while 98% of text messages are read. It goes without saying that SMS is an extremely way to reach customers, boost sales, build brand awareness, and retain customers. Most businesses are already familiar with using mobile channels such as SMS to send mobile coupons and to inform their most loyal customers about special deals and promotions. But this is just one of many ways to use mobile in your marketing efforts. Here are a few more ideas you may not have considered.

Shipping notifications

When your customers make a purchase that will have to be shipped to their home, they’re anxious to receive it. They may want to arrange for someone to be there so the package isn’t sitting out on the porch for several hours. There are many ways customers can receive shipping notifications but texting is probably the most convenient for the majority of your customers. Going that extra mile to inform the customer that their item has shipped and when it should arrive is a great way to gain loyal customers.

Appointment reminders

If your business involves meeting with customers or if you offer a service that involves visiting the customer’s home, then using SMS to send appointment reminders to customers can be an invaluable use of this mobile channel. Appointment reminders have been known to reduce missed appointments by as much as 40%. Mailed or emailed appointment reminders are more likely to be missed but text message appointment reminders will almost certainly be received and your customers will thank you for it.

In-store only coupons

If you have a brick and mortar store, you can leverage the SMS channel to drive more foot traffic. It’s great to have a loyal base of customers who want to receive your text messages but if the messages aren’t converting into sales, it’s a lost opportunity. Consider sending in-store only deals that will require customers to come to your place of business and not just interact with it digitally.

Advertise new products or services

Since the law requires that consumers opt-in before receiving your text messages, it’s safe to assume that your text list consists of your most dedicated customers. So it only stands to reason that they’ll be interested to learn about new or returning products. You can even send out notifications when an out-of-stock item that’s especially popular is back in stock. This can often lead to more profit.

Loyalty programs

Loyalty programs are especially powerful when paired with the SMS marketing channel. Customers love loyalty programs because they love being rewarded for their loyalty. A great way to use SMS along with your loyalty program is to  give them sneak peeks or special offers that are exclusive to people who’ve opted in to receive your text messages. It may seem counter-intuitive to craft a message and not send it using all available marketing channels but the air of exclusivity can drive more people to opt-in and it makes your most loyal customers feel more rewarded and important.

Customer satisfaction surveys

SMS is the perfect channel for collecting feedback from customers since most customers tend to view requests for feedback as somewhat intrusive but texting is seen as very convenient and something that will require a very minimal time commitment. Keep the survey extremely brief; pick two or three questions that you want to know the answer too. Customer satisfaction surveys not only help you to provide better service to your customers in the future but it shows your customers that you care about the experience they had with your company and it shows you’re the type of company that will go out of the way to make every experience a good one.