Technology is all about making our lives convenient so take that but bigger so big we’re now talking “smart” homes

We are constantly left in awe over the newest forms of technology, once we think it cannot get more impressive, innovators blow us away.

Staples news

Company like Staples have already come up with a smart home system called Staples Connect.  All consumers have to do is purchase the Wi-Fi hub which ranges anywhere from $50-$100, then they can download the free application which serves as a remote for the hub from wherever the homeowner is located. The app allows homeowners to take care of tasks such as lock doors, turn off lights, and set alarms. So now when you can’t remember if you locked the front door, you can double check from wherever you are. The tech is here and the best part is that it is completely affordable!

The importance of mobile devices

Companies like Staples understand the importance of smartphones and tablets to their consumers. These mobile devices are integral to our everyday lives, and they’re a great way for companies to reach their consumers on a personal level. The dependence on mobile and their ability to make life easier leaves companies with the ability to use mobile devices as a mobile marketing technique.

If smart home technologies have taught us anything it’s that mobile devices are increasingly having a role in our lives. Companies should be at the forefront of this technology by creating mobile sites, applications, and other forms of mobile presence for their consumers to easily access them. The more convenient it is for consumers to reach their favorite companies the more likely they will stay with those companies as well as encourage their friends and families to use them. Becoming part of the mobile world is a must for companies.