As much as cell phone manufacturers revolutionize you’d think they’d be able to find more ways to improve smartphone battery life

Phones are starting to providing complete access to everything, including control over a good portion of things in our daily lives. We can start our car from our phones, change the heat in our house, and even search the internet for anything and everything we might need. Most people spend hours upon hours on their phones during the day, so shouldn’t battery life be a priority?

Why can’t we boost battery?

If you haven’t noticed, people with regular cell phones don’t have the same problem with battery life as people with smartphones. The question is: why would you put a better battery in a regular phone than you do in a smartphone? That’s not what is happening though. Smartphones have better batteries than regular phones. The reason is your smartphone battery life can’t seem to last more than a day while your old phone can last a few days is a difference in use. Smartphones are constantly in use, on social media, email, or checking the weather. Even when you aren’t using it, it is constantly running background apps and checking for new mail. Your old phone, which probably even has a worse battery than your new one, is pretty much only running enough to catch a signal, and you don’t use it as often as the smartphone.

Batteries are getting better

The truth is, cell phone manufacturers are improving mobile battery life. But as this is improving, so are the capabilities of what you can do with your mobile phone. The more you can do with a smartphone, the more you will use it, and the more battery life it needs to work. If battery life wasn’t improving with the smartphone technology, you might only be able to use your cell phone for 5 or 6 hours a day instead of 16. The rate at which battery life is improving needs to be much higher if it is going to beat the rate at which smartphone technology is improving.

Adding weight and heat

Another problem associated with extra battery life is that a battery that will last longer will generate more heat and increase the weight and size of the phone. In order to get the amount of battery life you want, you have to sacrifice the small and lightweight phone with no heating problems that you want.

Android has larger batteries with longer life, but Apple has lighter phones with fewer problems associated with overheating.

The technology is always improving, but the fact is that a balance between battery size and heating needs to be met in order to give you the smartphone battery life you want. Maybe we’ll eventually get to a point where our phones are light, cool, and can last for months at a time, but the battery life technology will need to improve much faster than smartphone technology if that is ever going to happen.

Source: Mobile Marketer