As more and more businesses dive into smartphone advertising and marketing apps, we are starting to see very creative marketing

Retailers have been using apps to allow for easy online purchases while restaurants, like the ever clever Dominos, make it easy to order pizza before you head home from work. The question, though, is whether or not your business will benefit from creating an app for marketing.

New app from Taco Bell

One company that did a great job with a marketing app was Taco Bell. Well, at least the new app seems like it might work out well. More or less, the app allows you to order your food and even GPS tracks your location, so Taco Bell knows exactly when to start preparing your food based on how close you are to the location. It’s a very interesting idea because it means you don’t have to set up a “time” to pick up the food, and the person never has to wait in their car after ordering. As soon as they pull up, you can just bring out the hot and ready food to their car and take payment. For Taco Bell, it’s kind of brilliant.

Order what you want

Another great part about the app is that you can order anything you want including customizations and changes. This means you don’t have to sit in line for ten minutes trying to figure out what to order. Instead, you can use your phone and make any changes you like right there. It also will improve accuracy with ordering. When everything is written down, you’re more likely to get the right thing across.

Potential problems

A few potential problems, include an increase in the number of people who are driving and using their phones at the same time. It also might not benefit Taco Bell that much since you never have to wait more than a minute or two to order food anyway. The idea is just that it is more convenient and allows people who are already using their smartphones to look for restaurants nearby to always have Taco Bell as an option. And then it is easier to get a group order together and just pick it up instead of taking forever for everyone in the car to tell you their orders.

What you should learn

You’re probably wondering what you can learn about creating marketing apps for your small business. More or less, it gives your customers a way to always remember you. It also streamlines ordering. Another reason it benefits your business is that it saves time for your employees and customers since the decisions are all made before you get your order. When you save time, you have more time to focus on customer service and bringing in more customers. Consider creating an app like this to bring in more business for your company. It may be well worth the time.

Source: ZDNet