Text message marketing is for small business too

Walmart and Redbox aren’t the only companies striking it rich with text message marketing. Thousands of small businesses are benefiting too. As more and more business owners are realizing the tremendous opportunity in being able to reach out to customers in seconds, they are venturing out into the world of mobile marketing.

While taking that first step can be a little scary, business owners are finding that it was worth it.

Why get in on text message marketing?

Compared to other forms of advertising, text message marketing is cost effective. Sending a message to a customer costs literally pennies but yields amazing results.

Not convinced? Consider that 99% of texts are at least read. The vast majority of those are read within seconds of being received. Think about your own experience. Are you more likely to delete an unread text or an unread email? If you need to get time sensitive information to a customer, a phone call might go unanswered, an email may not be read until it’s too late, but wherever your customers are and whatever they’re doing, chances are they’ll get your text.

12-sms-text-message-marketing-statistics (Rebrandly)

Another advantage to text message marketing is that it’s fun and simple to use. It’s as simple as choosing a text messaging service to work with, building your contact list, creating your message, and sending it out. There’s no faster way to build your brand and generate excitement about your products or services.

Building your contact list

In order for any text message marketing campaign to be successful, you need an audience. Texting falls under the jurisdiction of the Federal Communications Commission. In other words, it’s closely monitored and there are rules in place to prevent consumers from receiving unwanted spam. Before you can start sending out texts, you need to make sure that you have a list of numbers that you have permission to contact. Make sure you are up to date with FCC regulations and that all of the people on your list have given consent to receive your texts.

The best way to build your initial list is to make an introductory offer. In return for their permission to text them, they receive value right off the bat in the form of a discount or freebie. You continue to build your list by advertising your SMS marketing campaign every way you can.

Keeping your new customers

At the start of your marketing campaign you’re going to see an increase in customers. The real secret is keeping them.

If you want your new customers to keep coming back for more, it’s crucial that they continue to receive value in return for remaining on your contact list. Occasionally send exclusive offers that only those on your contact list can receive.

Finally, make sure you don’t abuse the power that comes with the ability of contacting your customers on a whim. Texts every day are excessive and will quickly cause your customers to lose interest and ask to be removed from your list. As long as you are concise, use moderation, and give value, your text message marketing campaign is sure to be a success.