The landscape for using SMS/MMS for business marketing is changing rapidly. The revised CTIA guidelines (July 2019) are putting even tighter restrictions on what can be sent (and how) from a business to a mobile subscriber.

Most SMS providers are “best effort” message delivery platforms. They operate on the send us what you got and we’ll try to deliver it. In most cases, using best effort providers leads to very poor ROI as you are still getting charged for blocked and/or undelivered messages. Worst of all, your customers aren’t getting the important communication you sent them.

In contrast, Aviaro’s patented AI messaging platform can help optimize your business messaging to not only be TCPA & CTIA compliant, but also show you if mobile carriers view your message as commercial (good) or spammy (bad)…before you send it.

If your current SMS provider isn’t aware of the new rules and isn’t using AI technology to make sure your content is compliant & optimized, you are not getting the full power of SMS marketing for your business.

Contact Aviaro today to learn more about the new rules for business messaging and how we can help you navigate around the storm.