Today, there are countless ways to promote your business with mobile. Many of these work great within certain industries but there are two that most experts agree are critical for every business

SMS and social media. The great thing about both of these mobile marketing channels is that they are inexpensive but very effective. Each can work wonders for your business. But combined, the two are unstoppable. By integrating SMS with your social media advertising efforts, you enhance both.

Why SMS?

Not only is SMS a very cost effective way to do mobile marketing, but it’s something that nearly everyone is familiar with. While a lot of mobile device users (especially seniors) might not be as familiar with QR codes or mobile apps, they likely know how to send and receive texts. Furthermore, while basic phones can’t download apps or scan QR codes, they can still send and receive texts. Your customers will find it easy to opt in. It takes only a few seconds to text a keyword to a short code.

Text Message Marketing Best Practices. (Push Mobile Marketing)

Why social media?

Today, social media is considered a necessity for any business big or small. Considering the fact that it’s free, there’s no good reason not to participate in social media. Nearly every one of your customers has some type of social media account. It’s a free and easy way to stay connected to all of your loyal customers. Social media need not be all about pushing products on customers either. It’s a great way to keep customers aware of promotions or other special events.

Below are a few considerations for deciding which content “belongs” to the respective platform.


Use them together

Social media is only effective when you have a large enough audience. That’s where SMS comes in. SMS is a great way to boost social media traffic. Here are five creative ways you can use SMS to drive social media traffic:

  1. Offer incentives via text for “liking” or “following” your business’s social media page. If you’ve already got an established text message database and you want to increase awareness of your social media page, a great way to do this is to offer your text customers a special coupon or deal in exchange for “liking” your Facebook page or “following” you on Twitter
  2. Use SMS to promote a contest or sweepstakes that you offer on social media. Because texting is all about simplicity and ease of use, it isn’t ideal for rich engagement. Instead use social media to engage customers and use texts to get them there
  3. Reply to texts with links to your social media profiles. When customers opt in or when they enter a sweepstakes, include links in your automated reply text. It’s a quick and easy way for your customers to be connected with your business’s social media page
  4. Promote sharing. The best thing about social media is that your customers do much of your advertising work for you. Encourage customers through text to refer their friends to your social media page and then reward top referrers
  5. Use SMS to keep customers aware of any social media updates such as getting a profile for a new social media platform

When used properly, texts are a great way to create awareness and excitement about your social media profiles.