A. I. Messaging

Patented A.I. Messaging Solutions for Business

With multiple patents on artificial intelligence, automatic responders, mass SMS campaigning and more, it’s no wonder that Aviaro is every business’ perfect solution for customer engagement and advertising.

It’s what your customers want

Studies show that consumers (48% for Gen X and 70% for Millennials) prefer to use messaging to engage with a business versus a phone call, web chat, email, or smart phone app.

A.I. for messaging provides a personalized customer experience

Unlike most SMS platforms that just provide a few canned responses, Aviaro’s responders can be programmed to understand just about any question your customer may have. It can also interpret a multitude of ways the customer may ask a question or make a statement thus minimizing the frustration factor. In addition, the Aviaro A.I. platform can easily be integrated into existing CRMs and billing platforms to provide a personalized chat response for your customers.

Sales and customer care workforce multiplier, no more missed calls or orders

By adding Aviaro’s A.I. messaging solution to your business communications and marketing platform, you instantly expand your sales and customer care capability almost infinitely. Your customers can get detailed, product and/or account-specific information 24/7/365. Messaging A.I. is the perfect compliment to your existing contact center(s).

Additional features:

      • Unique Artificial Intelligence personality “ALINA”
      • 2.5 Billion keyword triggers (largest in the industry)
      • Live agent bridging (voice or text) – Always ready to ask for human help when needed.
      • Unlimited Keywords/Auto-Responses/Contact Groups
      • Easily integrates with most CRM platforms
      • Programmable API

Ready to start something BIG?

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