The Aviaro business texting platform provides dozens of features that promote best practices for texting current and prospective customers. The purpose of utilizing best practices when using SMS marketing for your business is to ensure your company is following TCPA and anti-SPAM rules and regulations. In order to make it simpler than ever for our subscribers to safely and effectively text their customers, Aviaro has developed several elements within the Platform to allow for these texting best practices.

SpinTax is a feature on the Aviaro Platform that gives users the opportunity to send multiple variations of one message to a large group of text message recipients. “SpinTax” is short for “spinning syntax,” which means that a single message is “spun” to generate synonyms for words and phrases, creating numerous versions of the same message that are distinct from one another. This is a necessary aspect of business SMS marketing because carriers are likely to block numbers that send single messages en masse to many recipients. Since this behavior strikes carriers as suspicious, Aviaro recommends that every person sending a campaign message utilizes SpinTax, even minimally, to avoid flags and blocks as much as possible.

For example, by spinning the message, “Good morning! How are you today? Can I give you a call this afternoon?” we get a SpinTax message that looks like this:

{Good|Great|Excellent} {morning|early morning|day}! How {are you|are you

currently|have you been} {today|nowadays|these days}? {Can I|Can One|May I} {give

you a|provide you with a|offer you a} {call this|refer to this} {afternoon|mid


The words in the curly brackets indicate words and phrases from the original message that can be altered. These words are separated by pipes. The words remaining outside the curly brackets will exist in every message variant. In this case, the only static word is “How.” Aviaro allows the sender to preview ten versions of the message from this SpinTax, showing the sender an image like this:

spintax example

This preview allows the sender to identify which synonymous spins need to be edited for clarity or to promote more natural communication. For instance, the first message variant, “Excellent early morning! How are you currently these days? Can One provide you with a refer to this afternoon?” is not a natural-sounding message. To rectify this, the sender need only erase the incorrect words and phrases from the brackets and may write in his or her own desired synonyms or leave them out altogether.

In this case, a better way to redesign this spin may be something like this:

Good {afternoon|day}! How {are you|have you been}? {Can I|May I} {give you a call|call

you|send you an email|email you} this {afternoon|morning|evening}?

The original SpinTax is generated from an existing Aviaro database, and while all the spins are technically applicable synonyms, they often need to be modified to ensure messages being sent to contacts are as organic as possible. People tend to react negatively to messages that don’t sound human. It is therefore important to take the time to dissect a message’s spins to find the best formula for winning campaigns:

Preview SpinTax Example 2

For experienced Spin-taxers, we can also take a look at something called “nested” SpinTax. In this case, we are creating variations of each word within a message as a whole, rather than identifying particular words that must remain in each message. In other words, there are no static elements in this type of SpinTax:

{Hello!|Hi!|Good morning! {How are you?|How have you been?}}

Here, we place curly brackets around the entire message. By leaving the first half open and closing the second half of the text with brackets, we are telling the system that “Hello,” “Hi,” and “Good morning” are necessary to the message, and that “How are you,” and “How have you been” are similarly variable, but not necessary. When we preview this spin, the messages look like this:


If we were to close the first three words with another bracket, we are telling the system that each part of the message is just as variable and just as necessary as the other, ensuring both halves of the message are included within each spin:

{Hello!|Hi!|Good morning|} {How are you?|How have you been?}

Preview SpinTax Example 4

The Aviaro SpinTax database is expansive and constantly evolving. However, you may include any words or phrases you believe to be better suited for your message spins that are not generated by our system. No matter what, the biggest takeaway is to always Spin, Spin, Spin!

If you want more information on SpinTax or if you would like assistance in creating unique spins for your campaigns, please don’t hesitate to contact an Aviaro representative! Call us, text us, or email us any time. Aviaro is here to help you reach your goals quickly, efficiently, and – most importantly – safely!