Marketing to millennials

Selling a product to a Millennial is tough. They want the best product for the best price, and they don’t care if you’ve been selling them the same product for 10 years. They will switch to another company in a heartbeat if you disappoint them. Even if you didn’t do anything wrong, they will leave for another company if it seems appealing to them.

As a business, this is a double edged sword. You can steal other business easier than ever before but you may also lose your customers quickly. Text marketing is a solid way to getting and maintaining your relationship with Millennial customers and here’s why.

SMS reminders

Though millennials are on social media all day long, they still prefer text communications with businesses over tweets, according to BizReport. They are basically guaranteed to see your text within a couple of minutes whereas your tweet or Facebook post is going to be buried in with all the other businesses and friends they follow on social media.

Even if they don’t want to use the particular promotion you are sending them through text, they are going to be reminded that your business exists and that they appreciate it every time you send them a message.

Facebook and Stanford researchers design a chatbot that learns from its mistakes (VentureBeat)

AI Chatbot capabilities

One thing that is remarkable about text marketing is that you can now use AI Chatbot to communicate with your customers without ever having anyone in the office.

This is very valuable to Millennials who don’t want to have to make phone calls at all. It feels like a huge burden to them even if, in reality, it isn’t that much harder than sending a quick text. Still, they prefer to be able to ask questions through text and get an immediate answer, something only Chatbot can provide.

Additionally, it is valuable to be able to text anytime they want, 24/7.If they are up in the middle of the night and want to text your business, they aren’t limited to store hours or additional staff hours.

On their own time

The biggest reason why Millennials prefer texting over other forms of communication is because it allows them to text someone on their own time. This is a busy world, and nobody knows how to keep themselves busier than Millennials. They want to be able to text you when they think of it but while at dinner with a friend and not fully commit to having a whole conversation right then.

Then, they’ll check for the answer again when they have another minute later. Nobody wants to set aside time to sit on the phone, especially when you don’t know how long it is going to take to get an answer. Instead, you can text a business and get an immediate answer. That is much more appealing to Millennials who like to keep themselves busy.