Text marketing is the #1 form of communication in the world today. Businesses are taking advantage of this marketing tool to increase sales and generate leads – and you should too.

text message marketing

1. Customers are more likely to open text-messages than they are emails.

2. They are also more likely to respond to a text than they are to a phone call.

3. With a higher-ROI than any other form of marketing, using text messaging to advertise your business is the most cost-effective tool that is currently available.

If you’ve tried everything, but you haven’t tried text marketing, it might be time to consider this affordable service for your business.

Aviaro makes business text marketing simpler and smarter with artificial intelligence. We’ve taken text marketing to the next level and made it even easier for you to establish communication with your customers. Our platform is customized to your business and provides hands-free marketing, so you can focus on your business while building customer-to-business relationships.

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