Text message marketing is the perfect tool to use to receive donations and promote fundraising for your nonprofit organization.

In 2010 a catastrophic earthquake struck Haiti, killing hundreds of thousands of people. Relief efforts from organizations around the world commenced immediately, including those by the American Red Cross. The nonprofit had experienced success in receiving donations via text in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina back in 2005, and it created a similar mobile campaign requesting text message donations to assist them in Haiti.

Donors could send $10 to the American Red Cross by way of a shortcode with the word “HAITI.” In 2005, the amount of donations received by SMS totaled $130,000. Five years later, the organization received $500,000 in one hour at its peak. All-in-all, the American Red Cross received an excess of $32 million by text messages alone. These text-message donations provided 8% of the Red Cross’ total donations to Haiti. This event is only a single example of how effective text-message donations can be for nonprofit organizations. Because people spend so much time on their cellphones, and because texting is one of the simplest and fastest forms of modern-day communication, individuals are more likely to use text messaging as a way to support nonprofits in need.


ALINA – Artificial Intelligence

Aviaro takes text message donations a step further by using ALINA to establish a dialogue between the nonprofit and its donors. Rather than merely sending a donation to a shortcode, texters can ask the organization questions regarding their mission, the event for which they are requesting donations, upcoming events, and much more.

Gone are the days of telethon fundraisers

It is now much easier and more cost-effective to allow supporters to send monetary donations via text. Interested in seeing how Aviaro can help your nonprofit grow? Contact us today so we can help you succeed!