Texting is beloved by all demographics and markets

WhatsApp, Messanger, direct messages and more have allowed us to connect on a scale never before seen. However, the tried and true text message appears to be dear to our heart. The numbers behind text message and marketing only grow as brands consider the immediacy and effectiveness of SMS marketing.

Take a look at the numbers below:

Around the world: Text edition

That’s over 65 percent of the total global population. Of which is already a dramatic increase from the one billion in 2003. Additionally, the number of texts sent has increased by over 7,700 percent in just the last decade.

Constant utilization of text

But it makes sense when you consider that so many of us have our cell phone on us–constantly. Have you wondered about this number? Well it’s 89 percent. Eight-nine percent of us admit to having our smartphone easily accessible. Not many marketing channels have the potential or guarantee read that text message does. No matter the text it forces recipients to decide what they want to do with the information. If well crafted, with a clear call to action, the effect for your business can be phenomenal.

After reading that you may be thinking, as a business owner or marketing professional, “I’m guilty of more than my fair share of phone time,” Fear not, for we give you this: a resource on reducing “text neck.” Take care of yourself foks!

Text message marketing for business

Did you see those numbers? While millennials are still an important market, GenZ accounts for $44 billion in purchasing power. The number will grow significantly as the oldest of the generation are now graduating college and entering the workforce.

These are digital natives, that expect information and service in one way or another. Whether it be “mentioning” a bad experience with an airline through Twitter, direct messaging a brand or maybe email you need to further your communication channels to assure that everyone can reach it with ease. With that said it’s not surprising when we find out that “76% of US consumers said that speed is the most important feature of service-based messaging to positively impact satisfaction.”

Take all that and the fact that those 18-35 see your business favorably for having SMS capabilities why wouldn’t you request a demo from a text message platform?

Source and further stats