Dear School Administrators,

There is a saying: if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. This idea is only used by tired and unprogressive people. If this idea had any grounds with Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, or Mark Zuckerberg, we probably still would be using horses and telegrams and carrier pigeons to deliver mail and messages.

Should Schools Use Texting?

It now leads to this pondering question: Should schools be texting? Given the atmosphere in which our educational facilities exist, the answer is a resounding yes.

There are four areas where texting in educational facilities should be paramount.

(1) Among The Administrators

Administrators are current communicating with each other using emails, buzzers, public address systems, intercoms, and phones. While almost quite literally, on the other hand they have their own personal cellular device that could help streamline communications. 

(2) Administrators To Teachers

Most of this communication is done through email, a costly and not so effective way during an emergency, or the not so cheap intercom and classroom phones. Credit must be given for schools having moved away from the messenger student.

(3) Administrators To Parents

Most of this communication is done through message e-mails, phones, “bag-a-letter” (letters by students), and even the postman.

(4) Students To Administrators

Parents today feel more comfortable and assured if their children’s school has a text notification system that alerts its administrators. This could work effectively in many areas, even bullying, in order to send a preemptive strike against this type of behavior.

Indeed schools have a lot of information that needs to be received and sent out. They do their best with the archaic systems mentioned above and with websites, social media, and videos. I will say here that communication systems must be costing the taxpayers a lot and they are a tremendous drain on education funds!

Three cheers for the schools that communicate with their educators and administrators and with the parents and students. There seems to be a more dominant need for text notifications and alerts though. This came into focus in the wake of the tragedy at Sandy Hook. 



A Comfort Zone

Parents should not have to leave their hearts at the school gate every time they drop off their precious little bundles. Students, whether in college, high, middle, kindergarten, chartered or public school, should have at their immediate disposal the means to communicate information such as a suspicious bag, a suspicious individual, or a suspicious activity. 

If such a system exists, administrators would be able to alert law enforcement and sub-administrators and local security by this text notification system as well and respond with immediate, automatic prerecorded instructions. Hundreds of parents would be alerted to any emergency, all by the push of a button, instead of the old-fashioned and time-consuming telephone call to each parent. Herein lies the basis of a comfort zone for all.

Important Statistics

Schools should know that over 70% of K-12 parents ages 25-54 have smartphones, and 98% of them text.

So let’s get to it schools! You probably didn’t know that you could have a text system put in place that could do all the above and more including automatic responses to most questions parents, vendors, and other interested parties would ask. Case in point: what are your school hours? Instead of going to your web site or calling for that simple but important answer, I could text one number that would give me that answer. It is that simple: one number for thousands of two-way communications in automation using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Aviaro is Here

As I said, you probably did not know what was available to you, but now you do. Aviaro’s patented AI mobile messaging platform is the system for your school. It is cost effective, user-friendly, and can be administered for across the board effective communications. Warren Buffet said recently that AI will take over the world in the next 20 years and is well under way in driverless vehicles, etc. Schools and administrators, it is time to get with the program or education en-masse could become obsolete giving way to smaller and more manageable charter and private schools and even home school.