How you can increase the impact of your marketing

Think of your meetings or conferences with the American Marketing Association, your local Sales and Marketing Executives International chapter or any other affiliation. The essential purpose of these organizations is to bring together industry professionals and all sorts of businesses to educate, promote professional relationships and provide a treasure trove of resources. So you’re wondering how does texting fit into all this?

The ultimate potential of your text platform

When it comes to professional associations: mediums such as websites, blogs, LinkedIn and other socials platforms exist but often times the attention we devote to them is limited. 

While online, it makes sense for our searches to be for the content most relevant to us. No matter the organization we need information specific to us and in a timely manner. How do we do that? Through text. Text message boasts an average 99 percent open rate–typically within the first few minutes. 

And just think, eighty-nine percent of us keep our smartphones easily accessible.

millennial texting

Your cell phone is in hand during meetings, during breaks and meals. The average smartphone user spend nearly a quarter of their time texting, as compared to 10 percent of their time reviewing email. The popularity is ever so higher for millennials and GenZ. The communication landscape is changing. Texting if done right is meaningful, something rare in today’s digitally saturated platforms. 

Two major provisions relating to text message platforms in the Telephone Consumer Protection Act demonstrate another underlying point:

1. Explicit permission must be granted [to send a SMS].

2. A clear method of opting out must be provided to subscribers. 

The mobile platform is different because it is personal. 

As a business, or a subscriber, your clients (our you) must actively text-in to be part of the contact list! If those who signed up don’t see the valuable content that they subscribed for there should always be a very visible opt-out. Ultimately, this is an intimate connection, requiring balance of appropriate timing and content. Give the people what they actually want when they need it. 

Additionally, no matter who integrates a text message platform, the ability to reach out to members instantaneously and affordably is huge.

Depending on your provider, there is the option of having custom auto-responders within your contact groups. Marketing associations can solidify relationships between persons of particular fields, send reminders to specific businesses for relevant events and send time follow-up messages afterwards to check-in on member who attended. Individual members belonging to the associations can also text in questions regarding events and frequently asked questions. 

Get to your network faster and more effectively

Here’s where Aviaro comes in, our text message system works for marketers interested in joining their local AMA chapter, or other associations, but would first like to know about requirements and benefits for members. 

Allowing people to ask questions and receive automatic answers is the most efficient way to assist members and non-members alike with minimal effort. Association can even develop a custom marketing funnel to drive potential marketers toward specific events or resources. 

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There are dozens of ways AMA can utilize Aviaro to work for them, their members, and their prospective members. Thanks to Aviaro’s affordability, any association can spend as little as $10 a month to establish a texting channel providing anyone the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about the organization. There is nothing to lose by trying out the Aviaro platform.